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Success!!! Nov. 17, 2020 Update

On Saturday (Nov. 14, 2020) some volunteers and I were able to have the opportunity to pass out the backpacks that we put together for the homeless individuals here in Boston, Massachusetts. The plan was to try to have some extra packs that we would be able to ship out to other volunteers that live outside of Massachusetts. During our first round of passing out the packs though, we were able to give out all the packs that we had on us which was about 14 packs (every volunteer was carrying two packs). I was honestly really a

nxious about how things would go, this was HELP by AMG's first official community project (Packs by AMG) but now I see that I had nothing to worry about... Although we didn't have any extra packs this time around, now I know that we will have to just make more than 24 packs and now we have an idea of what to improve on and what to do again. During our second round we had about 6 packs left and they went fairly quickly as well. Here in Boston, the Public Garden and Boston Common are hotspots for homeless individuals so first we followed a path on the streets around the area and then walked directly through the garden and park, all of the people we gave a pack to was so grateful. It made it me so happy to see their smiles and know that I helped make their day go so well. I loved seeing their smiles, you can see them as well by checking out the newest addition to the site (photo album) to see all the pictures we had taken during the building of the packs and as well as us passing them out. Also check out some videos that were made for the cause on our official Instagram (soon to be posted up, also included below) and don't forget to follow and share our page around!

Thank you again to all who have supported HELP by AMG, more great community projects

to come. So stay updated via our social media and straight through here on the site. On the very bottom of each page, you will find our social media links but you can also access the sites by simply clicking the on the site name. Our Facebook is currently going through some updates, so the page may be titled Packs by AMG but it is the page for HELP by AMG. Our Instagram is still fresh but help us earn a great follower base by following, sharing the page around and also like our posts!


HELP by AMG Intro Video


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