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Packs involve obtaining and packing simple two-pocket backpacks with essentials for homeless individuals to include but are not limited to soap, deodorant, winter supplies, food items, a blanket, socks, gloves, and so much more. Each backpack will have the official patch on it, images below.


Under the images below you will find the most updated price breakdown for each backpack (for Fall 2020), each item is listed with its description, total cost, and value of each independent item. Each backpack is worth about $30. 


Also, don't forget to check out some pictures from our previous distributions of the backpacks in our home locality. We are currently serving the Boston, MA area but were open to helping individuals nationwide and partnering up with other organizations for the greater good. 


  1. Provide individuals within the community of those suffering from homelessness with essential items that assist them with living a healthier life, physically.

  2. Provide individuals with a positive variable for their mental stability. 

  3. Provide individuals within the community of those suffering from homelessness with essential services and resources that assist them with living a healthier life, both physically and mentally.


Project priority demographics include those suffering from homelessness no matter their sex/gender, age, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, or status. 



First Round - November 2020

The first-ever creation and distribution of backpacks involved a volunteer group of about ten or so students from Fisher College. There were 24 total backpacks. Items included a wide variety of items to include but not limited to; a blanket, food, winter apparel, reusable water bottles, playing cards, face masks, hygiene products, etc.  


Second Round - September 2021 

This round involved a volunteer group of about 15 or so individuals, the majority of them were students from Fisher College, and then the other volunteers were regular Boston residents who simply learned of our mission and wanted to assist. The previous backpack count was surpassed, with a new record of 32 backpacks. The items included were generally the same but were better fitted for warmer weather, for example; sunglasses and sunscreen. 

Third Round - April 2022 

This round involved a volunteer group of about 18 or so individuals and we were partnered up with the American Legion Boston chapter. Our goal was to provide at least 24 backpacks (we ended up with 36 total) for women veterans in need throughout the greater Boston area. Some of the usual general items were included plus a few extra special items, such as; a nail care kit, thick fuzzy socks, face masks, etc. 

Fourth Round - September 2022 

This round is unique because this time we are creating and distributing backpacks to K-12 students suffering from homelessness or poverty within Suffolk County, Massachusetts. Our goal is to provide at least 36 backpacks. The backpacks will be filled with all of the school supplies each student will need as well as a few other general items. We are currently accepting any and all donations; item or monetary. You can find our wishlist below, as well as our current promotional media. 


Goal Implementation

Goal One - Provide Essential Items
  1. Ensure that each backpack includes these key items:

    1. Blanket

    2. Seasonal Protection

    3. COVID Safety

    4. Food

    5. Hygiene-related

    6. Wellness-related

    7. At Least One Special Extra

Goal Two - Provide Positive Variables Towards Mental Stability
  1. Make sure each person who receives a backpack, receives it with a smile and positive intentions.

    1. According to the Mental Health Foundation, an act of kindness can boost feelings of confidence, happiness, and optimism in those we help and it encourages them to repeat the good deeds they’ve experienced – contributing to a more positive community.

  2. Encourage volunteers to fully interact with those around them, especially those receiving the backpacks. 

    1. Make small talk and show interest, if approached.

    2. Always have a smile on and present an inviting atmosphere.

Goal Three - Provide Local Resources 
  1. In each backpack, provide a list of resources related to:

    1. Health

    2. Wellness

    3. Temporary Housing

    4. Local/State-Funded Programs

    5. Current HELP Services Available

    6. Partner Organization Services Available

  2. Create and provide a network of organizations aimed at assisting those suffering from poverty or homelessness.

Backpack Breakdown
Fall 2020 vs Spring 2022

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