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The Start of Spooky Season

Sec. 1 - Intro

Happy spooky season everyone!!! I have some awesome updates for you in this month’s blog post!

Sec. 2 - Organization Updates

Another successful round of Packs has officially concluded! “Packs 2 School” was our back-to-school themed community project where we partnered up with a local school, McCormack Pilot School, to provide students suffering from homelessness or poverty with backpacks filled with supplies they would need for the start of the new school year to make sure they start it off strong and prepared. We were able to build 26 backpacks and each one went to a student in need.

  1. Everything included:

    1. X1 - Binder

    2. X1 - Pack of Dividers

    3. X6 - Folders

    4. X2 - Loose Leaf Paper

    5. X1 - Graph Paper

    6. X1 - Spiral Notebook

    7. X1 - Composition Notebook

    8. X1 - Pencil Pouch

    9. X5 - Regular Pencils

    10. X1 - Pencil Sharpener

    11. X4 - Mechanical Pencils

    12. X3 - Black Pens

    13. X3 - Blue Pens

    14. X1 - Red Pen

    15. X1 - Ruler

    16. X1 - Gluestick

    17. X1 - Eraser

    18. X2 - Highlighters

    19. X1 - Index Cards (100 count)

    20. X1 - Calculator

    21. X1 - Planner

    22. X2 - Hand sanitizer Bottles

    23. X1 - Pack of Tissues

    24. X10 - Disposable Face Masks

  1. So now that our latest round of Packs is complete, we are beginning to plan for our next round which will take place in spring 2023 but you’re probably wondering what will the theme be this time and what will the focus be on. As of right now, we are planning on making care packages for youth suffering from homelessness or are considered as part of the foster system due to their home life. Instead of our normal backpack form, the next round of Packs will be more in the form of duffle bags and will include a wide variety of items that will be based on researched needs/wants of the primary demographic. We plan to partner with local youth groups and possibly even the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families.

Sec. 3 - Information Reminders

  • For the first time ever, we are doing a special giveaway where 100% of the proceeds will go right back into the organization to help fund future community projects like Nourishly, in which we make hot healthy meals for those suffering from homelessness; or even help fund our next round of Packs, in which we create and distribute care packages in the form of backpacks. We will be announcing our next round of Packs and its target audience. In the past, we have focused on women veterans as well as our most recent round for K-12 students for the back-to-school season, before that we had a general public/community focus. Giveaway Details

    • For every $5 donation, you will receive one entry (ticket).

    • The drawing will take place on October 15th and will be recorded live that can be watched via our Instagram story.

    • There will be three individual random drawings taken from one single source; the first drawing will be third place and we will work our way up from there.

  • The prizes

    • 1st - 40” Hisense Roku Smart TV

    • 2nd - 32” Sharp LED TV

    • 3rd - Special Morning/Breakfast Gift Basket

  • HELP now has an official merch store (link below)! Our vendor is a company called Bonfire and they work with and are trusted by thousands of nonprofit organizations as well as individuals who are looking to raise funds for community projects and programs. Their vision is to strengthen communities that inspire a kinder world. Its mission is to deliver a trusted commerce experience where custom products empower giving. Founded in 2012, Bonfire began as an easy solution for communities to fundraise online with t-shirts. They have helped thousands of individuals, groups, and nonprofits raise money for the causes they care about. Now, they have expanded their services to anyone looking to print or sell apparel, totes, hats, mugs, and more. Currently, we only have the designs shown below which are just different versions of our logo but we plan to have other designs that follow our organization’s beliefs and the causes we proudly support.

  • We also have a more formal donation platform that would be the best method of making any future donations. It would be the most beneficial way for us to receive donations since it cuts out the extra fees for us so that we get your full contribution. BetterWorld was designed to ensure nonprofits are never constrained by their budgets in the pursuit of doing good. They support your nonprofit with beautiful, simple, and effective online fundraising tools that are always completely free for nonprofits. BetterWorld is a social impact venture built to support the nonprofits, individuals, and businesses that serve their communities.

  • Here are the some details about the organization that may be needed for identification reasons in any sense:

    • Full Legal Name: HELP by AMG Corp.

    • AKA: HELP by AMG or HELP

    • EIN: 87-3173260

    • Best Contact Method: Email -

  • We are currently looking to build a team of volunteers for a variety of different tasks and projects within or for the organization. We would contact everyone at least a week before each volunteer opportunity. If you are interested in helping us out anytime, go ahead and register for our contact list and we will confirm any further details within 2-3 business days.

  • We are currently looking for new board members for the organization’s board of directors. If you are interested in joining our board, please contact me directly via email at We will be publishing a virtual application form soon!


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