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Oct. 25, 2020 Update

Today Hannah G. (a partner on the Packs by AMG project) and I took a trip to our local Dollar Tree to pick up some items for the backpacks. Earlier this week I was able to buy a majority of what we would need since some amazing funding came through. I was able to buy some food products, the backpacks themselves, hygiene products, and we even got some face-masks donated by the dean of my school, Fisher College (thanks again Dean Shiela). Below you will see some of the many items to be included in the backpacks. Currently, I am working on partnering up with a local shelter to see if we can donate a bulk supply of the packs to them but if that doesn't work out, me and a group of volunteers will walk around the city of Boston and pass out the backpacks to homeless individuals.

It's all coming together and honestly, it makes me so proud to see it come to life! Thank you to everyone who donated, it's going to a great cause!


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