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Jan 23, 2021 Update

Happy new year to returning and new supporters! Boston is currently at its coldest during this time of year -- and its homeless population are the most exposed to the elements. HELP by AMG is looking for donations for any of the following items:

- Bottled Water (and Water Bottles)

- Wash clothes

- Bug spray

- Baby wipes

- Sunscreen lotion

- Deodorant

- Soap

- Socks

- First-aid kits

- Umbrellas

- Batteries

- Blankets

- Sewing Kits

- Lip Balm

- Non-perishables (consumables such as beef jerky or trail mix)

As the time warms up around April/May, we will also need additional items for the spring and summer season.

- Sunscreen

- Bottles of water (for hydration and to endure the heat)

- Nonperishable foods

If there are any questions on shipping information/cost, direct them to

Donations can be picked up, but only within the greater Boston area!


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