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Dec. 22, 2020 Update

Great news everyone! HELP by AMG has officially partnered up with a great organization known as F-Sharp Studio. F-Sharp Studio is a multimedia company that provides a number of services. The CEO and founder, Sheldon Pindell and I have decided to team up and help our local areas. Similar to Packs by AMG, Sheldon puts together backpacks and boxes for those in need during the holiday season. He includes a wide variety of items, including but not limited to canned/nonperishable food, hygiene products, clothing items like gloves and hats, hand-warmers, water, and so much more. Make sure you show some support this holiday season and help someone in need. Also check out the official promotion video below!

You can contact Sheldon directly by email with any questions about how to donate or how to help;


Hope for the Homeless Promotion Video


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