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American Legion: A Brief Introduction

As you all may or may not know by now, HELP has partnered up with our local American Legion chapter located here in Boston. I was able to sit down and talk with the current leader of the chapter, Karen Scott and come up with an amazing round of Packs for our women veterans in need.

But who exactly is American Legion?

American Legion is the nation’s largest and most powerful organization of US military veterans and their families. Today, it counts over two million members who operate through more than 13,000 chapters across the country.

Since its inception by Congress in 1919, the American Legion has delivered substantial improvements for veterans as well as for their families and communities. They are responsible for ushering in the modern-day Veteran’s Association (the VA). They also drafted and helped pass the GI Bill and the Post-9/11 GI Bill. The Legion has also helped create dozens of healthcare benefits for veterans as well as programs designed to provide civilian careers after serving in the military.

Every day the Legion works on behalf of U.S. military veterans from all walks of life. It is recognized as a leader in transition assistance from the military to civilian life, providing resources for future careers, education, child care, healthcare, and so much more.

The Legion’s services can be classified under the organization’s four pillars:
  1. Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation

  2. National Security

  3. Americanism

  4. Children & Youth


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