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Last Updated: 5/15/22


This community project is ongoing and will have multiple benefits. There will be free online classes that spread awareness and will teach individuals about how to live a healthy life through a variety of health/wellness, fitness/exercise, and cooking/nutrition video classes. Currently, in the works is a partnership with the local YMCA, which would allow any HELP clients that come to us for assistance, will be able to get a membership with the YMCA for free or at least at a discounted rate. All videos will be posted on our YouTube channel, anyone will be able to access them, they will also be available on our website. Another great addition to this project includes “health coaches” where a client will be paired up with an experienced volunteer who will help guide an individual on to the correct path of good health and happier lifestyles.


  1. Provide free educational videos about health and wellness to help spread awareness of how living healthier can also lead to a happier life. 

  2. Spread awareness about the importance of mental health and help normalize talking about mental illness more often.

  3. Provide easy access to programs or services related to health and wellness; i.e. memberships to gyms or community clubs


Project priority demographics include those suffering from homelessness as well as those suffering from poverty in any form; no matter their sex/gender, age, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, or status.


First Steps - Current

As of this moment, Well Life is currently in the process of establishing a foundation of clients and resources. Videos are being planned out and filming has begun as well. All content will be available via our official YouTube channel as well as the official website. 

First Videos - February 2022

The first videos to be posted onto the YouTube channel will be by the end of February and will focus on mental health primarily but there will be other topics covered as well. The videos will be posted on the HELP website but after the website revamp project is complete, it will be a subpage of the Well Life webpage.


Goal Implementation

Goal One - Creating Regular Video Content
  1. Filming at least once a week for at least three videos at a time. 

    • Each video will be about five to ten minutes in total and will cover a wide variety of different topics related to physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness.

    • Some video topics we plan to publish first:

      1. Mental Health: Why It’s Important

      2. Mental/Physical Health Myth Busters (A Series)

      3. COVID: An Overview (As well as monthly update videos)

      4. Meal Planning & Prep: An Overview 

      5. “Power Up Time!” (Quick Exercise Routine - A Series)

  2. Publish at least one video each week on YouTube, all videos will also be available on the official HELP website.

Goal Two - Spread Awareness About Mental Health
  1. Provide free content and resources that are available to the general public that is related to mental health.

  2. Attend or host public events that are focused on mental health and its importance.

  3. Take advantage of social media platforms by posting content related to mental health, as well as announcing any new video/blog content. 

  4. Build a network of podcast partners that pertain to mental health education and connect them with the client base through a special playlist or channel. 

Goal Three - Provide Easy Access To Health & Wellness Programs
  1. Build a network of professionals within the health and wellness field that will assist in creating content and will also be available to the client base for assistance applicable to their field and position. 

    • Some examples of professionals we plan to have available…

      • A nutritionist would assist in creating a healthy meal plan 

      • A psychologist would offer counseling services 

      • A personal trainer would assist in creating a workout plan

  2. Partner with local health clubs and community recreational centers to offer free or discounted membership/service fees.

    • The partnership currently in the works, Boston YMCA

  3. Create a special webpage dedicated to listing local and virtual resources related to Well Life or health & wellness in any way.

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