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Last Updated: 6/13/22


This project involves the creation and distribution of hot healthy meals for those suffering from homelessness. Each meal we make contains food items from each major section of a complete standard meal; protein, vegetables, fruit, grains, and dairy products. We like to also give the option of providing a special dessert with each meal as well as two beverages; water and juice. 

We have plans to distribute meals out to the community on a more regular basis, at least twice a month. We also plan to partner with local soup kitchens and other organizations that assist with food insecurity to help spread awareness about resources available to clients.


Also, don't forget to check out some pictures from previous distributions of meals in our home locality. We are currently serving the Boston, MA greater area but were open to helping individuals nationwide and partnering up with other organizations for the greater good. 


  1. Provide hot home-cooked meals passed out to the community. 

  2. Provide resources to local food banks and soup kitchens.  

  3. Establish a seasonal booth at local farmers’ markets.


Project priority demographics include those suffering from homelessness as well as those suffering from poverty in any form; no matter their sex/gender, age, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, or status.



First Meal Distribution - October 2021

Our first round of meal distribution was a great success. We were able to make a total of 20 meals and were able to distribute them all out to the local community of those suffering from homelessness. The next rounds would increase in total meals made. 


Regular Scheduling for Meal Distribution - Summer 2022

By the summer of 2022, we plan to have a more regular schedule for meal distribution and we have plans on expanding marketing to help spread awareness about our services along with the information on when to expect meal distribution rounds. This information will be available on our website as well as monthly update posts on our social media platforms.


Goal Implementation

Goal One - A Taste of Home
  1. Cook hot meals that offer regular and vegan options, as well as, cold meal options, that include a beverage and either a dessert or snack option.  These meals will be individually packaged with a food safety sticker clearly attached and handed out through a mobile community effort.

Goal Two - Eating With Our Community
  1. Provide resources to local food banks and soup kitchens for our community.

  2. Partner with local resources to join in with the mobile distribution events.

  3. Work toward having a location that will serve as both the program's food bank and soup kitchen combined.

Goal Three - Farmers’ Market 
  1. Establish a booth at the local Farmers’ Market where program recipients will be able to come and use program-provided vouchers to get prepared grocery boxes.  We will also have prepared meals and baked goods for sale to the general public which proceeds will go back into funding the program.

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