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Last Updated: 6/13/22


“Legal Assistance & Referral Service”; just as the name says. We connect people with legal professionals and services that will assist with legal situations that may come up, and provide a chance to speak to a professional about any type of legal questions or concerns without the extensive costs associated with professional legal services. 

Our organization understands that life can surprise you.  We at LARS believe that everyone should not have to fear the unknown, and we also understand that life can have a way of catching you off guard. Because of this, one of our goals is to give comfort to our community by bridging the gap between our legal professionals and services and the ones who need it who otherwise may not have had an equal opportunity to take advantage of them. With our unique matching intake service, our organization will do what we can to either assist through our in-house legal department or provide referrals for one of our community legal partners.


  1. Provide low-cost or free legal services and referrals.

  2. Match individuals with legal services and resources.

  3. Host workshops on a variety of topics within the realm of law relevant to everyday life.


Project priority demographics include those suffering from homelessness as well as those suffering from poverty in any form; no matter their sex/gender, age, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, or status.


Building A Foundation - March 2022

Currently, we are building the foundation for this project while also beginning to build our network of professionals within the legal field. At the moment our Director of Legal, Michelle Bracco, is our primary legal professional available for legal consultation; you can contact her by email,

Improved Marketing Campaign - May 2022

Currently, in the works, we are building a marketing campaign to spread increased awareness for our community closet services that will be available to those suffering from homelessness or poverty. We will also do a donation drive for clothing independently, rather than a drive for various other items.


Goal Implementation

Goal One - Providing Referrals & Services
  1. Provide individuals with legal aid and/or advice on a variety of topics within the realm of law by professionals within the field at no cost.

  2. Provide referrals to legal professionals within our organization’s network to provide low-cost or pro-bono representation.

Goal Two - Matching Our Community & Bridging the Gap
  1. We plan to come up with a unique system to better match clients with legal professionals and resources to help improve the quality of services provided.

  2. Host or attend community events where we spread awareness about our services as well as the other legal resources available to all, especially low-income individuals. 

    • Tabling/Booths

    • Library Visits

    • Visits To Other Public Spaces (such as cafes or parks)

Goal Three - Dress It Forward
  1. Host workshops (in-person or virtually) on a variety of topics within the realm of law.

    •  Collect topic suggestions from the community on a forum located on the project webpage.  

  2. Host talk sessions with guest speakers from the legal community to educate on key topics and also provide valuable information on how to represent yourself in legal proceedings.

    • We plan to reach out to public legal offices and other legal organizations to build a foundation for our network of professionals within the legal field. 

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