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Last Updated: 6/13/22


This community project of ours is ongoing and will assist those who need it with grocery assistance. The client seeking assistance will be provided a box of food items and/or a gift card with funds between $50 to $150 (which depends on household size and income) to a local grocery store near the client’s home address. 

We are always accepting donations in the form of food items or grocery store gift cards with at least $50 included on the cards. If you’d like to send in some item donations, please email us at or to receive the best mailing address.


  1. Provide grocery assistance to those who are currently having difficulties with food insecurity at any level. 

  2. Help guide clients down the right path for promoting sustainable food management.

  3. Provide easier access to food sources by partnering with other organizations and companies that focus on achieving food security.


Project priority demographics include those suffering from homelessness as well as those suffering from poverty in any form; no matter their sex/gender, age, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, or status.


Our First Client - April 2020

Our first client was a single mother to a young boy, she wished to stay anonymous. She was affected by COVID at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 and unfortunately lost her job. Everywhere she looked, nobody was able to help her that very moment due to the fact she was not the only one affected. Then she found us on Facebook and within that same week, we were able to provide her with a nice big box of food as well as a gift card for $150 to the closest grocery store near her home.

Building A Foundation - March 2022

Now that we have helped a few people, now it is time for us to lay down a few guidelines for us to build a solid foundation since we now know what income brackets to categorize, which will determine how much funds are distributed out to clients seeking food assistance. We will also start to communicate with local grocery stores about partnering up in order to receive gift cards for future clients.


Goal Implementation

Goal One - Provide Grocery Assistance
  1. Provide each client with a box of food items that contain at least a week's worth of food.

  2. Provide each client with a gift card of about $50 to $150 to the closest grocery store near the client’s home address.

Goal Two - Promote Sustainable Food Management
  1. For each client, we will have a short meeting where we plan out the month or so where we will discuss how to improve food management within the household.

  2. We will teach clients about ways to reduce food costs by introducing couponing and other discount methods.

Goal Three - Provide Easier Access to Food Sources Via External Partners
  1. Partner with local food banks to create a network of food resource providers that will be accessible to all clients.

  2. Partner with state-funded programs by helping spread awareness about their services and benefits. 

  3. Partner with other organizations with missions focused on reducing food insecurity that can assist clients when we are not able to ourselves. 

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