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Last Updated: 6/13/22


This project is a community ​​closet open to all who need any type of clothing, specifically more for professional attire but casual attire as well. We want to lower the boundaries for common obstacles that seem to happen all too often, especially the obstacle of clothing insecurity. 

Eventually, we would like to open a consignment store that will be open to the general public. All prices will be extremely reduced compared to other similar local stores and 100% of earnings will go right back into HELP to cover operating expenses as well as any expenses related to other community projects. To assist those suffering from homelessness or poverty, we plan to give out clothing vouchers that can be used to cover the cost of clothing they decide to take. Of course, there will be limitations and the limitations will be based on annually-updated income brackets with reference to state guidelines.


  1. Obtain new and gently used business and casual clothing for those in need. 

  2. Hold classes on how to dress for success.

  3. Pay it forward incentive through the program.


Project priority demographics include those suffering from homelessness as well as those suffering from poverty in any form; no matter their sex/gender, age, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, or status.


Building An Inventory - March 2021

We started collecting clothing donations sometime in October of 2021. Over the next couple of months, we built a nice-sized inventory of clothing with a wide variety of styles and sizes. After a full year, we have assisted a large handful of clients and at the moment, all inventory has been (and still is as of March 2022) kept in a storage unit. We have plans to get a more permanent physical location that will be more easily accessible to clients. 

Improved Marketing Campaign - April 2022

Currently, in the works, we are building a marketing campaign to spread increased awareness for our community closet services that will be available to those suffering from homelessness or poverty. We will also do a donation drive for clothing independently, rather than a drive for various other items.

Second-Hand Stores Now Open - June 2022

To increase the flow of revenue for the organization, we have opened up stores on two different platforms; Depop and Poshmark (links below). We have already had quite a few successful sales, our intentions are to sell second-hand clothing of good quality at reasonable prices. We will provide clothing vouchers to those who are requesting clothing assistance. Eventually, we would like to have a brick-&-mortar location in which everyone, including those we are assisting, can come and shop at. 

Goal Implementation

Goal One - Clothing For All
  1. Accept and purchase through thrift stores, new and gently used clothing for men, women, and children.

  2. Provide monthly vouchers for those in need by offering an authentic “in-store clothing store shopping experience”, giving a respectful alternative to just accepting donations.

Goal Two - Educate On How To Dress for Success
  1. Offer classes on how to dress for different occasions such as a job interview, professional setting, etc.

Goal Three - Dress It Forward
  1. Adapting the “pay it forward” concept as an initiative by allowing the individuals who benefited from the program, to receive a gift when they donate back to the program.

  2. Provide a referral incentive program that allows program beneficiaries to receive credit for any referral from friends and family who obtain benefits from the program, as well as any who donate to the program.

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